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We are committed to helping

We protect SCFN Treaty Rights and traditional uses from companies / organizations that seek to undertake or is undertaking natural resource exploration and development in and around SCFN's traditional territory.


What Does the Consultation Department do?

With the support of Chief and Council, the assistance of Elders and Band Members, we protect the Treaty Rights and the areas of traditional uses for the members of the Sucker Creek First Nation's (SCFN) from companies and/or organizations that seek to undertake and/or is undertaking natural resource exploration and development in and around SCFN's Traditional Territory.

We pursue to develop and obtain a positive working relationship (when and where possible) with industry to address potential project impacts; and to have SCFN actively involved in the project/company activities including:

  • Attaining Investment
  • Training Opportunities
  • Employment and contracting opportunities

These are obtained through the working relationship established and obtained in an attempt to offet the loss of use in the area.

How We Do It?

Project Review:

  • Companies are directed to notify SCFN by the ACO
  • Review proposed project to determine impact
  • Must identify site-specific concerns and request for site visit and/or an internal data review, this then goes into the negotiation stage with the company or land broker
  • Once the site visit/data review has been completed Consultation must formally provide a letter of objection or non-objection to the company
Who Do We Serve?

The Consultation department serves Sucker Creek First Nation as a whole, by becoming an active economic producer and stimulus for the band. We provide an opportunity for Sucker Creek First Nation band and its members to becoming fully engaged in the economic development opportunities occurring within SCFN's Traditional Territory (and beyond in the future). Consultation becomes a central point for ongoing Transfer Knowledge between elders and youth; while showcasing the youth to an array of career, traning and education opportunities.

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