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We're committed to serving SCFN members

The Sucker Creek administration building currently houses the offices of the SCFN Chief and Council Administration, the Sucker Creek Health Centre and the sub-office of the Lesser Slave Lake Indian Regional Council. A monument was raised in honour of the Treaty 8 Centennial Commemoration in June 1999.

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Sucker Creek First Nation will strive to obtain economic prosperity and continue to strengthen and preserve our Community, Culture, Language and Traditions.


We will lead the development of strategies and actions to strengthen our community and improve the well-being and self reliance of our members.


A Nation that will uphold the following Cultural Values (Natural Law) in all that we do and with the people we interact with now and in the future.

What We Do

We strive to meet the needs of membership and honour the spirit and intent of Treaty 8.


We protect SCFN Treaty Rights and traditional uses from companies / organizations that seek to undertake or is undertaking natural resource exploration and development in and around SCFN's traditional territory.

Economic Development

We are responsible for the overview and delivery of the following programs: Traditional Arts & Crafts, Hunting, Fishing & Trapping and Agriculture Program, Recreation Sponsorship, and Small Business Assistance Program.


We are responsible for the delivery of educational programs.


We are responsible for ensuring that the funds are being used appropriately and administered in a manner consistent with the government guidelines, regulations and all relevant legislation.


We are responsible for the delivery of the following programs: Aboriginal Head Start On-Reserve Program, Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program, The National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program, Mental Health, Environmental Public Health Program - Drinking Water, and HIV/AIDS.

Housing & Public Works

We are in charge of the major repairs to establish better programs to our housing program and public works.

Social Development

We are responsible for the overview and the delivery of the following services: Child Out of Parental Home. Adult in Home Care, Preventative Social Services, and Income Assistance Services.

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